In the Inghamite Church we follow the teachings of the bible in Matthew 3 v 1:16. Following the commandment of Jesus this service was practised on numerous occasions in the book of Acts (22 v 16), Romans (6 v3) and 1 Peter (3 v 21) and many others. 

In conformity with Jesus’ wishes, we encourage anyone who has recently discovered Jesus for themselves to make a full confession of their faith in a celebration of baptism. Instead of a font we have a baptismal pool. The candidate is invited to make a confession of their faith and then their whole body is gently lowered under the water (total immersion) and quickly brought back up as a demonstration of the death of the old-self and resurrection of the new life in Jesus. 

If you believe, love God and accept His forgiveness through Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection (you don't need to be a member of the Inghamite Church)  and you would like to know more about believer’s baptism, please contact us.