Courses and Events


We run  courses that will help you to grow in your faith and provide valuable input into your life as well as putting on events with the aim of having fun together and blessing those in our local community. Contact us for more details.

The Bible Course

Beginning Feb 20th and then every Thursday evening at 7:00 up until Easter, in the upstairs lounge at church. Especially for younger women. The Scripture Union multi media interactive course introducing the bible and exploring its continuing relevance. With Tammie Beckett. (Could be run again later in the year for wider groups)

Bible Study

In parallel with the Bible Course (above), Thursday evenings (apart from March 12th) at 7:00 up until Easter, in the coffee lounge at church. 'Understanding With the Heart'. Unless we have a heart understanding of God's word we will neither be changed by it nor moved to action. Matt Butler helps us explore how we can nurture within ourselves hearts that are receptive to the good seed of God's word, and live fruitfully as a result.

Film Night

Thursday Apr 16th at 7:00 in church. A Roman tribune present at the crucifixion of Jesus is charged with finding his disciples and dealing with rumours of his resurrection and finds his life turned upside down in the process. A perfect and powerful end to Easter.

You can take a look at the full Church Calendar for more information on all that's going on.