Michael J Ramplin 

One of our regulars, Michael J Ramplin is the lead vocalist in a musical group who sing a combination of mainstream country-gospel and his own country-gospel and country songs to audiences in church halls, community centres and care homes. He will readily share his life experiences and how his earlier years were dogged with bad choices and alcohol addiction, leading to a marriage and family breakdown. In a light but passionate way he tells of the transformational role God played in his battle against addiction, turning his life around to focus on Jesus and embrace the Christian faith. Following this life-changing experience he met and married his second wife, Patricia.

Michael has recorded five albums, including a duet with the celebrated country singer George Hamilton IV in the song ‘There’s only One Name’. You can hear Michael's music at www.Jango.com/music/Michael+J+Ramplin.

If you go to one of Michael’s concerts – whether or not country music is your thing – it’s lovely to see the passion and love that he has for his music, his faith, God and His Son Jesus.

If you have a venue and would like to book Michael and his team please get in touch. If you would like to go to his next concert, keep an eye on the online notices.