The Inghamite Churchyard 


Our churchyard has been in use since the church first opened in 1750 and there are around 30,000 people buried there.  It is one of the largest and oldest nonconformist churchyards in Lancashire.

Many families from Burnley and Pendle and farther afield have family graves here, and people frequently come tracing their ancestry. The minister has records of burials in the churchyard, as well as maps to help find sections and individual graves, although you will probably need him to help you.

Of particular interest is the grave of Thomas Whitham, Burnley’s WW1 VC, which is regularly maintained by the Coldstream Guards. There are also a number of other war graves here.

Witham 01 - COPY

Feel free to wander round (but please keep to the paths). The minister will also be pleased to show you around if he is available, and you can call for an appointment, if you like.

WARNING - Please be aware that the churchyard is very large and we are unable to maintain all of it as well as we would like. Some gravestones may be loose, so please do not lean on them. Some graves may have fallen in, so keep to the paths. Invasive weeds sometimes spring up in the older sections, including Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and hogweed, the last of which produces sap that can burn the skin when exposed to sunlight, so please do not touch it. Please also be careful of any loose, uneven or slippery flags on the paths.