Kanlungan Project 


When time and money are available, two of our members book a few weeks to visit and help out a project called Kanlungan at Manila, in the Philippines. Manila, like many Third World capital cities, has a problem with tens of thousands of street children. These are abandoned orphans, an underclass who have no prospects for the future and depend upon crime, drugs, begging, prostitution and abuse just to survive.

This charity reaches out to these children offering them education, healthcare, counselling and support services, as well as assuring them of God’s goodness. They endeavour to turn each child’s life around through education, support, love and, where it is possible, reconciliation with their former families. The objective is to increase their self-esteem and introduce them to Jesus, so that they can grow up to enjoy more normal lives.

This charity has five shelters, two offering residential care, two drop in/community facilities and a boys’ home for those in regular education. The boys’ home is located on a farm where Kanlungan offers young men of above school age an extensive programme of street education and six community- based programmes. Other ministries work with street families helping to educate and feed whole communities who live without a proper roof over their heads.

The Inghamite church gives an annual donation to this worthy cause. Of course, your prayers and donations would be most welcome. Have a look at Kanlungan to read more about this work and maybe support this amazing work by prayer or giving. https://streetlight-trust.org.uk/