Bowling (18)

In the summer of 2015, following the success of ad hoc bowling outings, it was agreed that the church would start a regular crown green bowling team. The green at Thomas Street in Nelson readily agreed to be our home venue and the team quickly grew, drawing in members from both the church and many friends under the catchy banner ‘Thomas Street Inghamites’, and joined the Pendle league.

The team didn’t exactly get off to a flying start: for the first two or three years it languished in the league’s basement.  2018 saw a turnaround in the team’s fortunes. More members joined which meant that we could split into two teams with the more proficient players going into the league’s B division and the rest in the C Division. In that year the B Division team finished in an amazing 6th place!

We’ve come to terms with the realisation that fielding an Olympic squad is some years off. Undeterred we like to meet, more as a social and fun activity than being seriously competitive, though during the summer months we practise one evening during the week. It’s lovely to meet up outside of church.

The team welcomes new members and spectators. To join our bowling team you either have to be a church member or a friend – which is basically anyone who likes us! Please get in touch for further details.